Leadership. Solutions. Integration. Risk Management.
“Tell ‘em you’re 2-for-1.”

WNA is not the most expensive firm around. Far from it—but we’re also not the least expensive. With tight budgets and ever-increasing pressure to lower costs, one of our clients who knows us well suggested “Tell ‘em you’re 2- for-1”, the thought being that our consultants get twice as much done and twice the results of our competitors. Humbly, we sometimes repeat this story. Perhaps not so humbly, the real fact is that it may be 10, 100 or 1,000 to 1. It doesn’t matter how many people you throw at an opportunity or problem if they don’t have the right experience for the job. They’ll never get to the right answer or they will never get the program done and it will cost far more than the price of a few consultants—it will cost time, market share, revenue and profitability.

The client? Every so often they engage us in clear, straight-forward project delivery. But our clients tend to call us more often when they have large, complex, multi-year projects and programs that require senior, experienced consultants. We go beyond status reporting and issue management. We focus on providing leadership, solutioning, integration and risk management in order to maximize business benefits. At WNA we achieve business benefits and get programs done.

“Tell ‘em you’re 2-for-1.” Or more.

WNA gets programs done.

WNA is a global Project & Program Leadership, Management Consulting and Life-cycle IT Services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. WNA serves clients across a broad spectrum of industries including communications, banking, financial, retail, consumer products, oil & gas, technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality, travel, transportation, manufacturing and others. We combine exceptional levels of talent and experience with a relentless focus on program and project-level risk identification and mitigation.

Bottom line, WNA gets programs done.

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