Leadership. Solutions. Integration. Risk Management.
About WNA
WNA gets programs done.
On time, on budget, on spec, no surprises, outstanding customer experience…
with achievement of business benefits.

WNA is a global Project & Program Leadership, Management Consulting and Life-cycle IT Services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. WNA delivers leadership, solutions, integration, risk management and business benefits for our clients’ largest, most important, and most complex programs. We combine exceptional levels of talent and experience with a relentless focus on program and project-level risk identification and mitigation.

How is WNA different?

Leadership – We bring leaders—those who inspire others to do what they believe needs to be done. They lead from the front by doing, and they lead from behind by coaching and motivating to get programs done.

Solutions – We bring consultants who build business and technology solutions. They continuously identify solutions to day-to-day challenges and overcome obstacles to keep things moving and get programs done.

Integration – We align business goals with program, project, organization, and individual goals and metrics. We integrate business process with technology solutions and organization design to get programs done.

Risk Management – We bring senior-level consultants with our proprietary WNA methods and tools. Our people have been around the block and can see around corners—they have the experience to identify and mitigate program risks before they become issues, enhancing results to get programs done.

Business Benefits – Companies often lose sight of the business case on large, complex process and technology initiatives. WNA consultants stay focused on the achievement of business benefits and help cascade that focus throughout the organization at all levels to get programs done, and done successfully.

A Global Presence




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Our History

WNA, formerly WeServ North America, was developed as an affiliate of WeServ International, a global consulting and IT services organization owned and backed by $50 billion Fujitsu Limited in 2005. A completely independent firm since 2009, WNA retains strong management and delivery capability, scalability and top talent combined with a history of exceptional delivery results.

If you haven’t heard of us yet, you will. WNA.

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