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Project Administration vs. Project & Program Leadership

Effective project and program management is synonymous with project and program leadership. In many organizations, both project and program management are reduced to simple administration, where the focus is on isolated administrative tasks such as status reporting and issue management. While these functions are important, they are just the starting point—table stakes to get in the PM game. Effective project management—and more complex program management—require so much more, including true leadership, risk management, integration, solutioning, and a focus on business benefits. These keys to effective project and program management depend on a set of rare talents, skills and experiences that WNA PMs have, and when combined with our rigorous methods and tools, enable WNA to ensure consistent, predictable results and get programs done.

Project Leaderhip vs. Project Administration

At WNA, we believe that effective project and program management
requires essential project and program leadership.

WNA gets programs done

WNA is a global Project & Program Leadership, Management Consulting and Life-cycle IT Services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. WNA serves clients across a broad spectrum of industries including communications, banking, financial, retail, consumer products, oil & gas, technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality, travel, transportation, manufacturing and others. We combine exceptional levels of talent and experience with a relentless focus on program and project-level risk identification and mitigation.

Bottom line, WNA gets programs done.

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