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“The Six”

WNA identifies six (6) attributes that define project and program success—and the experience we want to deliver for our clients. We call them “The Six”.

“The Six”

  1. On-time. The first criteria for any successful project is on-time delivery within the timetable and schedule developed with our clients.
  2. On-budget. Equally important, projects must be delivered within the designated budget parameters.
  3. On-spec. On-time and on-budget are important table stakes, but only relevant if the project outcome meets or exceeds client specifications. “On-spec” is the often forgotten parameter.
  4. No surprises. When it comes to projects, nobody likes surprises. Surprises are the result of unanticipated consequences. WNA manages risk like no other company. With proactive risk identification and mitigation, there are fewer surprises and therefore fewer issues. With fewer issues, there is…project success.
  5. Outstanding customer experience. Not only does WNA deliver exceptional results, but the day-to-day experience working with our team is a great one. Our clients love working with WNA, and ask us back again and again. Beyond that, we also work to build an outstanding customer experience for our customer’s customers, both internal and external to the organization.
  6. Achievement of business benefits. The first five are important—this one is critical. The ultimate measure of a program is the return of business benefit it provides to our customer. Strikingly, this concept is often lost through months and years of major program execution. WNA maintains a laser-like focus on the achievement of targeted business benefits through the lifecycle of program delivery, which helps guide both strategic and tactical decision making, ensuring benefits are maximized.

WNA gets programs done

WNA is a global Project & Program Leadership, Management Consulting and Life-cycle IT Services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. WNA serves clients across a broad spectrum of industries including communications, banking, financial, retail, consumer products, oil & gas, technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality, travel, transportation, manufacturing and others. We combine exceptional levels of talent and experience with a relentless focus on program and project-level risk identification and mitigation.

Bottom line, WNA gets programs done.

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